How to Use a Strip Tool to Groom Dogs

Stripping can give a terrier's coat a smoother appearance.
WilleeCole/iStock/Getty Images

A stripping tool, also known as a stripping knife or comb, serves to remove dead hair from the coats of terriers with wiry coats. The stripper pulls out the dead long hairs that would otherwise become tangled and make the dog appear unkempt.

Coat Stripping

Find a comfortable position either next to or in front of your dog. You will be working in the direction of the hair growth, so choose a position that works best for the section of the coat you plan to strip. Hold the stripper blade parallel to your dog's fur; place the other hand firmly on the skin just above the blade so the skin will not move around while you work. Gently trap some fur between the blade and your thumb, then move the blade in the direction of the coat growth. Use long, steady movements -- do not flick your wrist. The hair should come out easily without tugging or pulling. If the blade is cutting hair rather than pulling it, make sure the blade is parallel with the fur and you are using your arm and shoulder rather than your wrist.