How to Use Wee Wee Pads to House Break

Every puppy owner knows the frustration of trying to teach the little one to urinate in a designated spot, instead of on the carpet. Wee wee pads, large absorbent pads with a waterproof backing, make housebreaking your puppy easier and may just save your carpet from becoming urine stained.

Plan on using at least four pads at one time. Since dogs circle prior to urinating, you will need to give the pup a large area to choose from.

Rub a small amount of grass on the wee wee pads if you plan to eventually train the pup to go outside. Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, suggests that this will help the puppy associate the pads with the outdoors.

Place the pads, butted up against one another, in the spot you have chosen. If you eventually plan to train the dog to go outdoors, place the pads near the door through which you will eventually take the pup outside. Do not place the pad near where the puppy sleeps.

Place the puppy on the pads as soon as he finishes eating. Also, keep an eye on him at other times for signs that he has to go and quickly put him on the pads. Soon, he will know where to go when he needs to urinate.

Check the pads frequently. Determine which area of the pads that the pup is favoring and one by one, over the course of several days, remove the pads the pup isn't using, until only one remains.

Remove the pad as soon as even the corner is soiled and replace it with a fresh pad. Millan claims that a dog will not use the same area twice.


  • A puppy should never be given full access to the house until it is housebroken.


  • A puppy should never be given full access to the house until it is housebroken.

An Item You Will Need

  • Wee wee pads