Using a Heart Beat to Help a Puppy Sleep

For a puppy, the first week away from his mother can be a challenge -- especially when it's time to sleep.
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Puppies spend the first few weeks of their lives snuggled up close to Mom. They become used to the sound of her heartbeat while sleeping. Being away from their mothers may lead to anxiety and sleeping problems. Toys that simulate the sound of a heartbeat may calm and comfort anxious puppies.

Beating Heart Plush Toys

It's not uncommon for sweet little bundles joy in the form of puppies to whine and cry on their first nights away from Mom. Everything is so new to them, and being all alone can be anxiety-provoking for the little guy. Plush toys can be purchased that make the noise of a heartbeat. Place the toy next to your puppy in his crate or bed where he sleeps. The softness of toy combined with the calming heartbeat sound will help to comfort and soothe him.