Wardrobe for Shedding Dogs

Dog clothing can be both stylish and functional.
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All dogs shed, some more than others, but there are a few things you can do to help to reduce Fido's shedding. In addition to grooming your pup regularly, you can also buy canine clothing for him to help to prevent his shed fur from winding up on your own clothes. While the clothing won't stop him from shedding, it will contain the fur long enough for you to brush it away.

Shedding Hair Everywhere

Dogs tend to shed most of their coats in the spring and fall, although they also shed lesser amounts of fur year-round, according to Dr. Ron Hines of 2ndchance.info. Depending on your dog's breed, he may have a single or double coat; double-coated breeds tend to shed more than single-coated ones. Daily brushing is really the only way to reduce your pup's shedding because it removes the loose, dead hairs from the coat before they can wind up around your home. Brushing also helps remove any dirt from the coat and prevent insect pests like fleas from making their home in Fido's fur.

Clothes for Dogs

Even with daily brushing, some of your pup's hair will still rub off around your home, especially on your furniture and carpeting. Canine clothing prevents this by providing a barrier between Fido's loose fur and any of the surfaces he comes into contact with. There are even specially designed dog clothes that cover most of your pup's body, including his back, tummy, legs and feet, to better contain his hair. While the fur itself doesn't trigger allergies to canines in some people, it may contain dander and dust which can, advises the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Dog clothing may help those with allergies because it keeps all of the loose fur and allergens contained on Fido's body, recommends Dogster.

Appropriate Clothing

Fido needs to be comfortable in his clothing and able to move around freely while wearing it. Choose weather-appropriate items, such as full-body sweaters for cold weather and light, jersey-material suits for warm weather. His clothing should not chafe his skin, restrict his breathing or affect his ability to relieve himself, recommends the Pet Product Advisor website. Get Fido used to wearing the clothing slowly, putting any garments on him for a few minutes at a time and rewarding him for wearing them calmly. Keep in mind that not all dogs will tolerate clothing and you shouldn't force your pooch to wear it if he continually tries to frantically remove it.

Proper Sizing, Fabrics and Supervision

When it comes to clothing for pups, size matters and you need to properly measure Fido's neck, length, girth and legs to ensure a comfortable fit that conforms to his body to contain his shed fur. Choose stretchy, breathable, washable dog clothing with zippers or hook-and-loop fasteners for easy removal so that you can wash the garments daily of shed hair. While suits that cover most of your pup's body provide the most shed-protection, other pieces such as shirts or jackets can make helpful additions to a shed-controlling wardrobe. Most importantly, always supervise your pup when he's wearing his clothes in case it becomes caught on furniture or fencing.