How Do I Wash a Bed Used by a Sick Puppy?

It's critical to destroy all the pathogens responsible for your puppy's illness.
Russell Illig/Photodisc/Getty Images

Once Brutus recovers from what ailed him, take steps to wash the bed the puppy was using when he was sick. Standard disinfecting procedures will help to eradicate all the nasty little buggies hanging around.

Special Note About Serious Ilnesses

Wash bowls, towels and toys daily to avoid spreading germs. Spray hard surfaces in or around the bed with a sanitizing spray to keep germs at bay.

Pet Beds

Unzip and remove the cover. Rezip the cover and wash it in hot water with bleach, or distilled white vinegar, or soak it in a solution of peroxide, vinegar and water in a basin. Commercial products for disinfecting pet items are also available at pet stores and online.

Hard Surfaces

If the bed's made of hard materials like wood, metal, wicker or plastic, clean the surface with a bleach solution or a commercial disinfectant. If the inner cushion stuffing cannot be washed, place it in a hot dryer for 10 minutes, spray it with a sanitizing spray and allow it to dry before putting the freshly cleaned coverlet back on. For a bed made of foam, spray it with a disinfectant or hand-wash it in a bathtub, and allow it to sit in the hot sun for several hours until completely dry. Cedar chips must be replaced.