The Best Ways to Clean a Cocker Puppy's Eyes

Keeping your spaniel pup's eyes clean helps prevent infection.
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The cocker spaniel breed is prone to tearing, or dark staining under the eyes. Therefore, it is important to start cleaning your cocker’s eyes when he's a puppy. This helps prevent future infections and gets him accustomed to having someone clean his eyes.

Step 1

Add a few puppy-safe ocular drops, available online or at your local pet store, to your cocker pup’s eye. Give him a few moments to blink and let the drops settle.

Step 2

Wipe his under-eye area with a moist saline wipe, also available online or at your pet store. This helps remove the dark “tears."

Step 3

Pat the area dry with a clean, soft towel. Do not leave the area wet, as this promotes bacterial growth.


  • If the discharge from your puppy's eyes becomes thick and yellow or has a foul odor, contact your vet. Your cocker may have a bacterial infection requiring antibiotic ointment.


  • Clean your baby's eyes about once a week to prevent bacteria from growing around them. Having a groomer clip the hair under your pup's eyes also helps keep them clean.

Items You Will Need

  • Ocular drops
  • Saline wipes
  • Towel