The Best Ways to Clean a Cocker Puppy's Eyes

by Amanda Maddox

Keeping your spaniel pup's eyes clean helps prevent infection.

The cocker spaniel breed is prone to tearing, or dark staining under the eyes. Therefore, it is important to start cleaning your cocker’s eyes when he's a puppy. This helps prevent future infections and gets him accustomed to having someone clean his eyes.

Step 1

Add a few puppy-safe ocular drops, available online or at your local pet store, to your cocker pup’s eye. Give him a few moments to blink and let the drops settle.

Step 2

Wipe his under-eye area with a moist saline wipe, also available online or at your pet store. This helps remove the dark “tears."

Step 3

Pat the area dry with a clean, soft towel. Do not leave the area wet, as this promotes bacterial growth.

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