Ways to Keep a Dog From Stinking

Regular grooming will keep your dog smelling fresh.
Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images

Some owners believe that odor is just part of owning a dog. While dogs do need the occasional bath, your dog shouldn't have a constant odor. A constant odor can actually be caused by a poor diet or a lack of proper grooming. If you're tired of your dog stinking, you can make simple changes that will ensure your dog smells fresher for longer. Not only will this make your dog healthier, but you'll be able to enjoy more cuddle time as well.

Feed a High-Quality Diet

Odor can often be the result of a poor quality diet. Because a dog's fur is made of 90 percent protein, poor-quality foods made with poor-quality protein can be damaging to the skin and fur. A poor-quality diet can lead to skin infections with bacteria that cause the odor or they may cause excessive hair loss. Dead hair, when not removed from the dog on a regular basis, can cause your dog to stink. Look for foods that are high quality and have a high-quality protein listed as the first ingredient. Avoid byproducts, such as chicken meal, so that your dog gets the best protein possible.

Brush Daily

As dead hair accumulates on the dog, his pores can become clogged and the essential oils that he secretes get blocked. This can cause even more hair loss, but it can also cause odor. Get in the habit of brushing your dog daily for at least five minutes per day. Your dog will smell better and your furniture will be less hairy.

Bathe Regularly

Regular bathing is essential for a healthy dog. However, bathing a dog too frequently can be unhealthy. Wash your dog once per month during the warmer months and once every two months when the weather is cool. Bathing a dog too frequently will strip away the essential oils in his fur, leaving the skin dry and causing excessive shedding. If your dog stinks in between baths, there are grooming products you can use to freshen his coat.

Apply Grooming Products

There are a number of grooming products that can help keep your dog from stinking. Doggie wipes are similar to moist towelettes, but are safe for your dog. They allow you to spot-clean your dog's fur or wipe him down completely to remove any odor. Doggie perfumes and deodorants offer immediate relief from the odor. If you prefer not to splurge, simply brush baking soda through your dog's fur to absorb any foul odors.