Ways to Spoil Your Lap Dog

Make the time for your dog to indulge in his favorite time of the day.
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Dogs deserve all the goodies that life has to offer. Lap dogs, with their cup of affection always spilling over, deserve extra spoiling in return for all the love they give. Spoil your lap dog with steps built with him mind that lead right up to a special monogrammed blanket in his favorite spot -- your lap.


To make climbing up into your lap that much easier, invest in or build a pair of stairs for your dog. Position the stairs on the edge of your bed, sofa or chair -- wherever your dog loves to climb up and snuggle with you on your lap. Stairs are great for smaller breed dogs or senior dogs who may suffer from arthritis. They can prevent injury while making it easy for your lap dog to get to his favorite spot: your lap.

Monogrammed Dog Blanket

While snuggling in his favorite spot, sometimes your dog might get a little chilly and need a blanket. Some dogs may enjoy the opportunity to burrow themselves under a blanket while other dogs simply enjoy lying on luxurious, soft fabrics. A monogrammed dog blanket can be your dog's special blanket to lounge around the house with or take on car trips for extra comfort.

Doggie Massage

Dogs are no exception when it comes to loving a good rubdown. Massage for dogs is different than human massage techniques. The touch and pressure is soft, never firm as this could prove hurtful, especially to those with delicate joints. Try gentle stroking your dog from his nose all the way down his spine. Next, use both thumbs, placed on either side of his spine, and "walk" your way down his spine.

Make Every Day Count

Time with your dog is one of the best ways to spoil him. Dogs are highly social; many dogs will become lonely if they're left solo for long hours. Making time to let your dog curl up with you on the sofa is a priceless gift you can give every day. A treat here and there won't hurt either. Keep natural treats as well as fresh veggies such as carrots on hand for your dog to nibble on during lap time.