Why Does My New Puppy Stay in a Corner and Is Very Shy?

Shy puppy
Puppy eyes image by Marfa Faber from Fotolia.com

Bringing a new puppy home can be an exciting time in people’s lives. As time goes by, the puppy will become a part of the family, but owners shouldn't expect that to happen the moment they bring the pup home. Some puppies take a while to get used to their new surroundings and are sometimes shy.


Figuring out whether a new puppy has a problem with being shy is not difficult to do. Shy puppies usually will not come when called and tend to stay in an area of the home or yard where they feel safe. Shy puppies also have difficulty in interacting with members of the family. They are not as playful or willing for people to pet them, as are puppies that are not shy. In addition, shy puppies will often keep to themselves.


Not all shy puppies are the same. Some completely anti-social puppies will not interact with their family or strangers. Some puppies are shy only when they are around unfamiliar people or in an unfamiliar place. The reason that puppies are shy, however, is usually the same: The puppy is not used to its new surroundings and does not know how to react. It probably misses its mother and siblings, as well. For example, even if a new puppy is not shy at home, taking it to a dog park can cause an insecure puppy to become shy if strange dogs and people are there.


Proper socialization is important for a new puppy. When a puppy first comes home, it most likely will be shy because of the unfamiliar surroundings. However, after being in its new home for a while, it will realize that this is its home and will become friendlier and start interacting with the people in the home. Playing with and petting the puppy will help it become more confident.


Sometimes getting a puppy to adjust to its new home isn't enough. If a puppy is going to be friendly to strangers, a dog obedience class might be in order. Taking the pup to an obedience class is a good way to socialize it. Also, taking the puppy out for walks, where it will encounter strange surroundings is another good way to socialize a new addition, because along the way it will likely encounter people its not familiar with, as well as other dogs.


Having a well behaved, socialized puppy will be a pleasant experience for pet owners. The puppy will not have security issues, as it will know its place in the family. In addition, owners will feel confident when they have to take the puppy out, whether it's a trip to the veterinarian, or just for a walk. Furthermore, a socialized puppy will most likely not develop other problems, like aggression toward other dogs, or toward children and strangers.