Will Tea Tree Shampoo Help Get Rid of Fleas on My Dog?

Tea tree shampoos can help rid your dog of fleas.
Dogs face image by adrian stones from Fotolia.com

Dogs are often plagued with fleas, especially during the peak months of August and September. Many types of flea control products are available, but pet owners may be concerned with the chemicals used in these products. Natural shampoos containing tea tree oil have recently been touted as a safe, effective way to remove fleas.


Tea tree shampoo is made with tea tree oil, which has been found to have anti-fungal properties as well as the ability to fight bacterial infections. Used in a shampoo or applied as an oil to a dog's coat, tea tree oil is beneficial for the coat and skin. Tea tree oil shampoos are specifically designed to control ticks and fleas on dogs.


Using a tea tree shampoo weekly can help rid your dog of fleas. Applying tea tree oil to the skin daily can also help keep fleas under control in your home. Place tea tree oil in a spritz bottle and apply to your dog once a day to keep fleas at bay.


While tea tree oil and shampoo are safe for most dogs, cineole, an active ingredient in the oil, has caused allergic reactions in some dogs. Consult your veterinarian before using any tea tree oil on your dog to avoid any unwanted reactions.