How do I Wire an Oster 5A Clipper Switch?

Oster's model 5A animal clippers have several blade attachments, including the No. 50 surgical vet blade, which can cut the hair on most pets. The Oster 5A clipper plugs into a standard 120-volt residential electrical outlet. The Oster 5A clipper's switch mounts on the end of its housing near the power cord. Its switch wires directly to the power supply. This breaks the electrical circuit throughout the clipper while the switch remains in the off position.

Step 1

Remove the Oster 5A's plug from the wall outlet.

Step 2

Inspect the Oster 5A's switch. Two-speed switch models have three leads, and single-speed switches have two. The long lead with the black insulation connects to the power supply. The short leads connect to the clipper's motor.

Step 3

Loosen the Oster 5A clipper's wire terminal screws, located on the end of the unit's motor housing, with a flat-head screwdriver.

Step 4

Push the Oster 5A switch's long lead, the black-colored lead, onto the wire terminal that the black-colored wire strand from the power cord connects to and tighten the terminal screw with the flat-head screwdriver. The power cord's white-colored wire connects to the clipper motor's neutral terminal.

Step 5

Push the middle lead on the Oster 5A's switch onto the motor speed terminal closest to the end of the unit and tighten the terminal screw with the flat-head screwdriver. Single-speed motors and switches use this terminal.

Step 6

Push the remaining lead, if used, on the Oster 5A switch onto the remaining motor speed terminal, the rear motor terminal, and tighten the terminal screw with the flat-head screwdriver.

An Item You Will Need

  • Flat-head screwdriver



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