What Would You Call a Lab Poodle Mix?

The labradoodle's fur, color and size will vary according to which dog's genes are dominant.
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Take one Labrador retriever -- black or golden, your choice -- and add one poodle. Wait approximately two months and you'll be the proud owner of a labradoodle. Crossbreeding dogs is no new thing, but sometimes two breeds come together to create an irresistible combination, which is what happened when the Labrador and poodle joined together to make the labradoodle.

A Genetic Guessing Game

Don't think too much about what you like best about the poodle or the Labrador; when you put the two dogs together, the only thing you know for sure is you're getting another dog. Color, personality, intelligence, size and coat type depend on which dog's genes win out. With a labradoodle, there are a wide range of color possibilities, including black, cream, red and cream. The coat can be curly, fluffy, wiry or wavy. One thing's for sure, however: Your dog will shed. All dogs shed, however he won't shed as much as your ordinary Labrador. Since poodles come in three different sizes -- toy, miniature and standard -- the labradoodle can range anywhere from 15 pounds to more than 70 pounds. Both poodles and Labradors are intelligent, trainable dogs, so chances are your labradoodle will make a responsive, polite family member.