Xalatan Use on Dogs

Your veterinarian might prescribe Xalatan eye drops to treat your dog's glaucoma.
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Acute glaucoma in canines is a true veterinary emergency. Without prompt treatment, your dog could lose his vision. Some dogs suffer from chronic glaucoma, in which vision already is lost. Latanoprost, marketed under the brand name Xalatan, is used to treat acute and chronic cases of canine glaucoma. It works by reducing the pressure in the eye, which also offers pain relief.

Glaucoma Symptoms

Glaucoma symptoms include pupil enlargement, corneal swelling and obvious pain in the eye. If the condition affects both eyes, your dog displays evidence of blindness. After a definitive diagnosis, your veterinarian likely will prescribe several medications to treat your dog's condition. Xalatan generally is prescribed in the form of eye drops. Pregnant or nursing dogs shouldn't receive Xalatan.