What Breed of Dog Is in the Target Commercials?

by Elizabeth Muirhead
    The Target canine is a bull terrier named Bullseye.

    The Target canine is a bull terrier named Bullseye.

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    That stately canine in the Target commercials is a bull terrier. Multiple dogs—all bull terriers—have portrayed Bullseye since 1999, when Target first introduced the character. Most of the details about Bullseye are kept secret.

    As of 2013, Bullseye is a female bull terrier in the care of Worldwide Movie Animals. Only one canine acts as the mascot at any given time; at least one retired Bullseye is also currently living at the Worldwide Movie Animals ranch. The performer is well taken care of, and even receives a set number of breaks when she makes appearances. During appearances, she wears a pet-safe vegetable-based paint in the design of the trademarked Target bull's-eye.

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