How to Keep Dogs Away From Electrical Outlets

by Tammy Dray
    Puppy getting into electrical trouble?

    Puppy getting into electrical trouble?

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    Doggie getting too comfortable with your power outlets? Worried that curious toes will end up in a lot of trouble? Electrical outlets and cords can look very tempting to dogs ready to explore. Unfortunately, electric shock accidents can prove fatal, so it's important you take steps to prevent disaster.

    Step 1

    Think of your puppy as a furry toddler. Whatever you would do to childproof your home if you had a crawling baby or a curious toddler, you should also do to protect your dog. Outlet covers are a good place to start. Make sure the ones you buy are very flat and fit snuggly, so Fido won't be tempted to "work" on them to get them out.

    Step 2

    Hide outlets and cords behind furniture whenever possible. Just pushing that bookcase a few inches against the wall might make the outlet unreachable. Can't do that? How about a smaller piece of furniture -- such as an ottoman -- you can move on and off against the outlet, depending on whether you're using the outlet or not?

    Step 3

    Spray the area around the outlet with bitter apple spray or other pet deterrent product found at your local pet store. The point is to make the area smell so unattractive that your pooch will go looking for something fun to do somewhere else. You don't want the liquid to get inside the outlet itself, so spray carefully. Or spray a paper towel or cloth and then rub that around the outlet. Vinegar might also help, although not all dogs hate the smell.

    Step 4

    Wrap cords in PVC or flexible safety cable around all cords that are permanently plugged in. Cords might prove irresistible to puppies, who might pull and chew to release them from the wall. By protecting cables with a thick cover such as PVC, you'll make it impossible for puppy to chew and pull the cord out, exposing the outlet.

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