What Breeds of Dogs Have Fluffy Puppy Coats?

Pomeranians are small dogs with puffy fur.
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The consistency of a puppy's coat varies depending on the breed. Some puppy fur is silky and smooth, while others are bushy and thick. Dogs that were bred for sledding or historically come from colder climates, usually have puppies with fluffy coats to protect them from harsh weather. Such puppies generally have two layers of fur, the outercoat being the thickest.


Some say Pomeranian puppies look like tiny fluffballs.
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Pomeranians are known for having tiny faces covered in thick fur and a puffball-like appearance. The coats of Pomeranian puppies are made up of a thickly textured outercoat and a softer, more dense undercoat. The fluffy puppies have been said to resemble baby foxes because of their pointy, triangle-shaped ears and reddish-colored fur. The tails of Pomeranian puppies are extremely bushy and rest on their backs. Pomeranian puppies are very energetic and most do not outgrow this active personality as adults.

Chow Chows

Chow Chows have extremely thick, fluffy fur.
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Chow Chow puppies are among the fluffiest of breeds. Their mass of thick body and neck fur give them the appearance of baby lions. Chows come in various colors including red, black, blue cinnamon and cream. The breed is known for its blue and black tongue and stilted gait. Chow Chow puppies also have puffy, curly tails that wind around their back when they walk. The puppies retain their fluffy coat as adults and need daily grooming.


The Samoyed puppy is covered in thick, double-layered fur that sticks straight out from its body. The breed's undercoat and outercoat keep it warm in cool climates. A Samoyed puppy also has a thick, bushy tail that turns upward and rests on its back when alert. Samoyed puppies are primarily white, but also come in cream hues. The Samoyed needs regular grooming and brushing. .

Old English Sheepdog

Old Enligsh sheepdog puppies have furry coats that sometimes hang over its eyes.
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Old English sheepdogs are best known for their shaggy, hairy appearances. Their puppies are no exception. Many say Old English sheepdog puppies look like fluffy stuffed animals because of their large eyes and coarse fur. Originating from England, the breed is considered one of the hairiest. Their lively, fun-loving personalities make the breed a good family pet. However, they need to be brushed for several hours weekly. If not, their fur can become matted.