How to Buy Innova Evo Dry Dog Food

Innova Evo dry dog food is a high protein, low carbohydrate and grain-free kibble made by Natura Pet Products, Inc. Natura Pet Products advertises Evo as an "alternative for raw feeders and home-cookers". Evo dry dog food is not a raw product, but the company claims that the high content of meat in the food makes the kibble a supplement to or a replacement for raw food diets. Innova Evo is a premium dog food, which is not sold in supermarkets. It is available in select pet food stores.

Step 1

Choose which type of Innova Evo dry dog food that you want to purchase. Evo is available in two flavors - regular (turkey and chicken) and beef. Choose whichever flavor your dog prefers, or alternate flavors for variety. Evo is also available in two kibble sizes - large bites and small bites. Large bites are appropriate for large-breed dogs and small bites are appropriate for small-breed dogs or dogs that prefer small kibble. Innova sells a reduced fat version of Evo for overweight or senior dogs.

Step 2

Go to the manufacturer's "Where to Buy" tool on their website to locate a store that sells Innova Evo dry dog food in your area. A link to the website is in the Resources section below.

Step 3

Ask your local pet food store to special order Innova Evo dry dog food for you. Most pet stores are willing to special order pet food products for customers.