Can Diapers Prevent Male Dogs From Mating?

Small dogs reach sexual maturity and can mate earlier than large dogs.
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Pet supply stores and online merchants stock numerous dog diapers in a variety of styles, fabrics and colors. Not one of these diaper garments have been proven to prevent male dogs from mating with female dogs in estrus. When your male puppy is about 5 months old, his testosterone levels peak for the first time, and, according to Dr. Nicholas Dodman of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, he may begin to exhibit uninhibited thrusting and mounting behavior, also known as humping everything and everyone he encounters.

Doggy Diapers as Fashion Statement

Dog diapers and other canine protective garments were created to reduce drips and stains caused by female dogs in heat and by incontinent dogs of both genders. Browsing for dog diapers on the Internet will lead you to stores that sell washable and disposable dog diapers, belly bands just for males, harnesses, suspenders and overalls to prevent stains on your floors and furniture and also to match your dog’s personality. For example, styles include diapers with frills and flowers, solid-colored or old-fashioned calico fabrics; belly bands in denim, cotton or flannel with prints depicting cowboys, race cars and other stereotypical male images; and overalls that look like party dresses or tuxedos.

Diapers Do Not Prevent Mating or Pregnancy

Some doggy diaper manufacturers claim that diapers and belly bands can be used as a preventive measure to stop mating before it occurs or that a belly band on the male dog and a diaper on the female will reduce the likelihood of an unplanned pregnancy. Veterinarian Ann Hohenhaus, writing for WebMD’s "Tales from the Pet Clinic," warns that people with intact male and female dogs should not “count on the diaper as a form of contraception…." No matter what your dogs are wearing, intact males and females should be separated or supervised when the female is in estrus. Left alone together, they will find a way to remove or bypass their noncontraceptive garments.