Incontinence Clothes for Dogs

Dogs can wear human diapers with a hole cut for the tail.
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Just like humans, dogs can suffer from incontinence. Old age, injury and disease are common causes of adult dogs' "accidents" in the house. Specially designed garments for dogs allow you to enjoy your incontinent dog's presence in the home without the mess.

Belly Bands

Incontinent males and those who engage in territorial marking can benefit from a belly band, which wraps around the dog's midsection and covers the penis. A disposable pad or sanitary napkin slips inside to catch leakage. You can purchase belly bands online or find directions to sew your own.

Diapers, Pants and Accessories

You can cut tail holes in disposable or cloth diapers designed for human infants; help them stay on with special clothing such as infant onesies or boys' underpants turned backward to allow the dog's tail to exit the fly. Doggie thongs, pants and diaper wraps available online contain pockets for absorbent sanitary pads.



Diapers, belly bands and other incontinence clothing can cause skin irritation, especially when moistened with urine. Change the dog's garments frequently -- or ask your vet to show you how to express your dog's bladder and bowels to ensure they are completely empty before dressing your dog.