Can a Dog Get Worms From Hamster Feces?

It's possible tapeworms are spinning along inside your hamster.
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If your dog manages to snack on your hamster's feces when you're cleaning the cage, he could pick up parasites if your rodent friend is infested. It's not just your best canine pal who could pick up worms from your hamster. Humans are also susceptible, so always wash your hands carefully after handling or cleaning up after your hamster.

Tapeworm Infection

Hamsters often carry tapeworms, but usually show no obvious signs of infestation. To verify whether or not your pet is a carrier, your vet would have to examine a hamster fecal sample. She can prescribe dewormers to get rid of the tapeworms. Even if your dog is on a heartworm preventive that also eradicates other types of parasites, he can pick up tapeworms from ingesting hamster poop. If he does become infested, you might see tapeworm segments in his anal area. Take him to the vet for diagnosis and treatment. Your vet can prescribe a twice-yearly tapeworm dewormer for your dog.