Can Dogs Have Soy Milk?

In moderation, soy milk isn't problematic for dogs.
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Knowing what is safe and what isn't safe to feed your dog isn't always easy or obvious. However, your precious doggy is always worth the effort of tracking down the appropriate answer. If soy milk piques your dog's interest, breathe easy. A small amount of it is harmless to canines.

Soy Milk Safety for Dogs

If you're a fan of soy milk, which is entirely lactose-free, your dog can occasionally join you in the enjoyment of it, although in very small amounts. The soybean-based dairy substitute isn't at all hazardous to dogs, according to the ASPCA. However, the organization also urges owners to exercise moderation in offering soy milk to canines—and it's no replacement for puppy formula, if you're bottle-raising a litter whose mom can't nurse them.

Cat Safety

If you live in a multi-pet home, it may benefit you to know that soy milk is totally safe for very occasional cat consumption, too. Just like with doggies, however, it's important to remember to restrict soy milk to a very small amount. Dogs and cats are both susceptible to tummy distress and discomfort as a result of consuming strange new meal and beverage items. Don't ever encourage your pet to be vulnerable to the belly blues.

Cow's Milk

Although a little bit of soy milk may be A-OK, cow's milk, on the other hand, may be a little trickier. Although cow's milk is nontoxic to dogs and cats, its lactose content makes it very difficult for the cuties to properly digest. Both dogs and cats simply do not have sufficient lactase levels for deconstructing lactose. If your doggie drinks this kind of milk, he may experience everything from diarrhea and vomiting to stomach pain—eek. Keep your dog away from cow's milk and anything other items that contain dairy, whether cream, butter or anything else.


When it comes to beverage offerings for the canine world, nothing beats cool, crisp and refreshing H20. Water is a must-have for any dog, whether a bouncy puppy or a wise senior. Soy milk—or any other type of milk—is certainly no match for it! Fill your pet's water bowl with clean and cool water as often as he needs it. Daily, regular water consumption is vital for your pet's health.