Can Pups Drink Soy Milk?

Soy milk definitely cannot replace a mother dog's milk.
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The key to proper puppy growth and development is a mother's nutritionally balanced milk. As tasty as soy milk may seem to you, it simply isn't appropriate for for nursing young pups. A newborn canine requires either his mom's milk or formula made specifically for puppies, and that's it.


Soy milk is in no way a suitable replacement for a mother dog's milk. For the first several days and weeks of a puppy's life, nursing completely fills his dietary requirements. Mother dogs usually begin weaning their pups at around 3 weeks of age. If mom for any reason isn't in the picture, you can substitute her milk with formula designed especially for puppy consumption, whether canned or powdered. Use a puppy milk replacer to bottle-feed the little ones to glowing health. Never put soy milk -- or any other type of milk -- in the bottle. Puppy formula is the only way to go.

Soy Milk Safety

Soy milk is entirely devoid of lactose. Because of that, it may not cause upset stomach in dogs as cow's milk and other dairy items will. However, any new dietary addition, especially when introduced suddenly, may trigger tummy issues in canines, so take note. If a puppy experiences diarrhea or belly pain as a result of eating or drinking something outside his routine diet, cut the addition out. The ASPCA website says soy milk is entirely harmless for dogs in moderation. The beverage is appropriate as a once-in-a-while" treat for dogs. Although soy milk certainly can't nourish a newborn puppy, it isn't hazardous to weaned puppies, either.

Treats for Puppies

The ASPCA says it's perfectly fine to offer a puppy occasional treats. If a puppy has finished the weaning process and is now regularly eating solid foods, it may be fine to allow him to drink small amounts of soy milk every now and then -- think less than half a cup for big dogs, less than a quarter cup for little ones. Just remember that treats should be no more than 5 percent of a puppy's overall consumption every day. With soy milk and any other people treat you're giving a dog, moderation is vital.


Although soy milk is no risk to doggies, the only beverage your puppy really needs is water. Water is a crucial nutrient to any canine, whether he's a sprightly Yorkshire terrier puppy or a calm, stoic German shepherd adult. Keep your puppy as healthy as can be by ensuring he always has ample clean and fresh water right in front of him.