Can Flea Spray for Dogs Be Used on Bedding for Lice?

Various parasites such as fleas, ticks and lice can be irritating to the animal and the owner. They leave bites and cause itching to the pet, then become an infestation throughout the house.

Flea Spray Labels

Many of the typical flea sprays that you find explain on the label that they kill not only fleas but also ticks and lice.

Organic Insecticides

Since most all flea sprays and powders contain harmful fumes or toxic ingredients, it's wise to use an organic, chemically free flea and lice repellent. By using strictly organic products, there is no danger regarding fumes or toxins.

Pet Bedding

After directly treating your pet, the pet's bedding is a good place to start treating the home. The bedding can be any place your pet spends a frequent amount of time, such as the carpeting, furniture, pet bed and wherever your pet sleeps at night (cage or kennel).

Treating the Pets Bedding

Any organic flea spray can be used directly on the bedding to treat fleas and lice, without being harmful to children or other pets if they should come into contact with it. Organic flea and lice repellents can be purchases at any health food store or pet store.

Lice Insecticide

Using either a flea spray or flea powder can kill the lice that tend to be in pets bedding, because all organic insecticide solutions are made primarily of fresh water deposits from fossils shells of diatoms. These deposits are not heat treated and contain a low silica content making them perfectly safe and not harmful to children or other household pets.

Organic Ingredient Called DE

Most organic insecticides contain a main ingredient called DE, which is not a poison, and it works by attracting moisture which dehydrates the parasites and kills them and their eggs.