Can Orphan Puppies Drink Baby Formula?

Feeding human formula to an abandoned puppy is not recommended. Fat, protein and vitamin levels in human formula do not meet the nutritional needs of growing puppies. Prepared formulas are available that are specifically designed for puppies; however, many dog breeders prefer a homemade formula.

Prepared Formula

Esbilac and Just Born are puppy milk replacers available at many pet and retail stores. These formulas come in both liquid and powder forms.

Homemade Formula

10 oz. can evaporated milk 3 oz. sterilized water 1 raw egg yolk (no whites) ½ tsp. Karo or corn syrup (not honey) Place all ingredients into a blender and mix well. Discard after 24 hours.

How to Feed

Specially formulated bottles and nipples are available, but a syringe may work better. The puppy should be on his stomach during feeding and should be “burped” when finished.

How Much/Often

Feed puppies every 2 to 3 hours for the first week and then reduce to every 4 hours. The amount to feed depends on the size of the puppy; an excellent guide can be found at the second Resource listed below.


You can begin to introduce solids at 3 weeks of age. Create a mush by adding canned puppy food to the formula.