Can a Puppy Who Won't Nurse Be Given Human Baby Formula?

by Catherine Lovering

Puppies require proper nutrition when young.

Puppies need care and attention during the first few weeks of life. Normally, a puppy's mother provides enough nutrition through her milk. However, when a puppy will not nurse or if the mother doesn't have enough milk -- or for some reason is absent -- human guardians have to fill in. Human baby formula is not right for puppies, however; a puppy should be given a commercial canine milk replacement.

Choosing the Right Formula

A veterinarian is the best source of information about how to feed a puppy and what formulation is best. According to the ASPCA, puppies should not receive cow's milk or another milk replacement -- including human baby formula -- since it can cause diarrhea. Further, cow or goat's milk has the incorrect fat, protein and lactose levels for a puppy. A commercial canine milk replacement is available in liquid form -- ready to use -- or in powder, which must be mixed with water. Getting the consistency correct is important to prevent constipation or diarrhea from the powdered variety.

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