Where Can I Research My Dog's Pedigree?

A dog's pedigree may include awards won and physical characteristics.
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Pedigree is a dog’s family tree. When you adopt a purebred puppy from a breeder, you should receive information about your dog’s pedigree with his registration papers. Pedigree information also can be obtained through the American Kennel Club.


Contacting the breeder where you got your dog can be the easiest way to obtain pedigree information. Breeders should have pedigree information on hand for all of their dogs. Pedigree information should have been provided with your dog’s registration paperwork when you first got him.

AKC Website

A pedigree of your dog can be ordered through the AKC website at a low cost. You will have to create an account and decide if you want to go back four or five generations. You will need to have the dog’s registered name or their registration number to order his pedigree. Keep in mind that the registered name could be different from the name you call your dog.