Cashews & Almonds for Dogs

Keep these treats rare and minimal.
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Whenever your sweet doggie begs you for a taste of "people food," he's certainly not thinking about its safety for canines, although you definitely should be. In moderation, cashews and almonds may be an appropriate rare snack for your pooch, although that isn't true for all varieties of nuts.


Almonds are not poisonous to doggies, although like all other nuts, they are relatively fattening. If your dog eats a large portion of any fatty food, including almonds, he may experience digestive distress as an unpleasant result. Not only can too many almonds bring upon tummy troubles in doggies, they also may lead to the inflammatory condition pancreatitis.

In short, excessive amounts of almonds are a no go for doggies. An occasional small treat of almonds may be harmless to your pet, but always keep the portion small and controlled -- think two or three rather than a whole handful. Always consult an experienced veterinarian before you ever allow your dog to eat any "people foods," almonds included, as for all issues regarding the health and treatment of your pet.


If you do decide to allow your doggie to eat almonds, make sure they're 100 percent unsalted. Sodium and canines usually aren't a great combination. In fact, large amounts of salt may even cause sodium ion toxicity in pets, along with frequent urination and increased thirst spells. In moderation, salt-free almonds may make a nutritious and sensible occasionally doggie snack, according to the ASPCA.


Like almonds, cashews are non-toxic to pets. Also like almonds, cashews are high-fat nuts. Make sure that your dog's cashew treats are rare, very small and unsalted. Remember never to give your dog any treat until you have your vet's consent, too. Being extra cautious can only help.

Other Nuts

Cashews and almonds may be safe in small portions, but that in no way is true for all other types of nuts. Never assume anything regarding food safety. Walnuts and macadamia nuts are toxic to pets, so it is crucial to never allow your little one to be remotely near either. The bottom line is, never allow your dogs to eat walnuts or macadamia nuts, no matter what.