How to Clip a Dog's Armpits

Grooming offers bonding time with your pet.
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Clipping your dog helps keep him clean and mat-free. Whether you show your dog or simply like for him to have a clean-cut look, grooming and trimming his armpits is important. Even if you do not clip or trim his entire coat, cleaning up the armpit area can improve his appearance. Also, fleas and ticks may migrate to an unclean armpit area for shelter, causing your dog discomfort.

Step 1

Set the dog on a table that is approximately as high as your waist. Have him stand or sit very still. If he refuses to stay still, have someone hold him.

Step 2

Brush the underside of his legs and armpits. Make sure you remove any dirt and debris. If she has matted hair, use a comb and remove the mat. Hold the hair and work from the end, careful not to pull or tug.

Step 3

Hold your scissors in your dominate hand. For instance, if you clip with your right hand, hold the tool with this hand.

Step 4

Lift the dog’s leg up and out with your free hand. Don’t pull too hard since his natural reaction is to pull away.

Step 5

Bend and look under your dog’s armpit. Locate the long hair and trim it with the scissors to approximately 1/2 to 1/4 inch. Cut the hair in the direction it grows. Generally, this is from above the ribs toward the elbow.


  • If you cut the hair against the growth, it may be too short and cause irritation. If you do not have help and your dog will not stand for clipping, lay him on the floor and roll him on his back to scissor his armpits.


  • If you do not have help or feel you may nick your dog, use blunt-end scissors for trimming his armpits.

Items You Will Need

  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Scissors