How to Comb Your Dog

by Amanda Maddox

Make grooming fun.

Combing or brushing your dog has more benefits than just keeping his coat healthy: The time you spend personally grooming him is a form of bonding that will bring you closer together. Knowing how to comb your dog helps ensure you don’t accidentally pull his hair, eliciting a heart-wrenching yelp.

Step 1

Choose a stainless steel comb from your local pet store that measures around 7 1/2 inches by 1 inch. It should have wide-spaced teeth on one end and narrow-spaced teeth on the other end. The wider teeth work best if you have a dog with a long or double coat; the narrow end works well for short, sleek coats; but you'll likely use both ends on any long-haired dog.

Step 2

Hold the narrow end of the comb in your hand. Use the wide end and comb your dog’s hair in the direction it grows. Comb from his head down his back, toward his tail. Move the comb over his coat in short, gentle strokes. Make sure you don’t catch a mat with the comb and pull his hair.

Step 3

Pick your pooch’s ears up and comb the hair under them in the direction it grows. Comb down his chest and front legs.

Step 4

Run the comb gently over her belly and legs. Finish by combing her ears from the top to end.

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