How to Line Brush a Dog

Line brushing works well on many medium- and long-haired breeds.
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Line brushing allows you to methodically work your way through your dog's coat to remove tangles and make sure you cover all the hard-to-reach spots. It is used on dogs with long coats to keep them in good shape and tangle-free. Line brushing sounds complicated, but it is actually just a process of moving methodically through your dog's coat until it is tangle-free. Your dog may be resistant to lying still for the brushing initially, but if you keep work sessions short, he will come to accept and even enjoy the grooming.

Spray your dog with detangler or conditioning spray to soften the hair and make it easier to comb.

Position your dog so he is lying on one side. Divide his hair in a straight line, from his shoulder to his tail. All the hair on the top of the line should lie upward, toward his back, and the hair on the lower side of the line should lie downward.

Brush the top section of hair up, toward your dog's back. Brush a small section at a time, working from his rump to his shoulder. When you get to his neck, move to the bottom section, brushing in small sections, from the part you created down to his feet.

Stand your dog up and let him walk around for a few minutes. Lay him on his opposite side and repeat the process.

Items You Will Need

  • Detangler spray
  • Pin brush