How to Create Shade for Dogs

Use heavy-duty string to ensure Max's tarp doesn't fall or come undone.
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During warm months, Max needs a shady spot to retreat to and cool off. If your yard is on the bare side and doesn't have mature trees that offer shade, you can still create a spot for your buddy to cool down. Aside from having fresh water available, the shade will help him enjoy his time outside to the fullest.

Create Posts

Look around your yard and see if there are two trees within a reasonable distance to one another -- no more than 6 to 10 feet. If you don't have trees within this distance, purchase four metal tent posts at a hardware supply store or camping store. Dig holes into the ground and stick the poles inside, surrounding them with dirt and rocks for sturdy balance. If the trees are within a suitable distance, measure the exact distance apart. This will be necessary for selecting a tarp that will be used as shade.

Selecting a Tarp

Use the measurements of the distance of the trees to select a suitable tarp. Many different sizes of tarps can be purchased, but to create adequate shade, a thick and weather-resistant tarp will be necessary to block out the heat of the sun. Heavy-duty string will be needed to tie the tarp to the trees or metal posts. Hammer the metal posts deep into the ground to avoid wobbly posts that could later fall. Place rocks around them for added support if desired.

Securing the Tarp

Loop the string around the metal posts or tree before securing the string through the holes of the tarp. Create a double knot and pull securely. Loop the end of the heavy-duty string through the hole in the corner of the tarp, starting with one corner. Make a double knot. Repeat this step on each corner. Place the tarp high enough off the ground so your dog will be able to walk under it freely without bumping his head or having to crawl underneath it.

Shading Other Areas

Place a tarp over your dog's outdoor kennel if he spends any amount of time in it in the summer. Even if your dog is only outside for 30 minutes, he still needs adequate access to shade. A tarp can be places on top of a kennel and securely fastened by looping heavy-duty string through the kennel holes.