How to Cut Dog Fur

Keep your pooch looking good with a nice haircut.
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Dog fur is just like a human’s; it is constantly growing. Cutting your dog’s fur is a lot like cutting your own hair. The easiest cut is what groomer’s refer to as a ”puppy cut.” This is simply trimming your dog’s fur while keeping its natural shape. Mastering the skill of dog grooming takes time and practice.

Step 1

Place your dog on a safe surface, such as a grooming table. If you don't have a table with a leash, have someone help you hold him. Before you start, make sure your dog is willing to stand still.

Step 2

Brush your dog’s hair with a pin brush. Pay close attention to areas that often contact the ground, such as his hind legs and under the tail, since they are susceptible to tangles and dirt buildup.

Step 3

Remove any mats or tangles with a metal comb by holding the fur away from the skin and working from the end of the hair. Make sure you don’t pull or tug, which would cause your pup unnecessary pain.

Step 4

Grasp the shears, or scissors, in your hand. With your free hand, hold the fur away from the skin and trim the end of the hair. At first take off only a small amount, about 1/2 inch. You can always cut more later, but putting it back on is rather difficult.

Step 5

Cut the fur in the direction it grows. For instance, when cutting the legs, trim from the top of the hip toward the foot. The hair grows in the direction gravity pulls -- downward. Go with the grain when cutting fur. This keeps the cut clean and even.

Step 6

Trim around your dog’s face and eyes with blunt-end scissors. These scissors help protect you and your pup from getting cut. Also use the blunt-end scissors to trim around his toes and foot pads.


  • After cutting your four-legged friend’s fur, brush it in the direction opposite of growth. Then trim any stray or long hairs that stick out.

Items You Will Need

  • Pin brush
  • Metal comb
  • Shears
  • Blunt-end or round-end scissors