Drawing Plans for Building a Dog Box

Dog boxes are used to transport dogs, such as hunting dogs, in a car safely.
hungarian vizsla hunting hunt dog pet image by Paul Retherford from Fotolia.com

Dog boxes are used for transporting dogs from one location to another in the back of a vehicle. Boxes offer a safer option for dogs--such as hunting or show dogs, which are transported in a vehicle for several hours at a time--than allowing them to move around freely. Construction of a dog box requires careful planning to ensure that the final product is an effective box that will keep your dogs safe.

Measure the area of the vehicle where the dog box will go. The box should fit into the area snugly, to prevent dangerous sliding of the box. Factor in driver visibility when determining a maximum height for the box, as it is important not to obstruct the rear view.

Measure the height and length of your dog to ensure that the design will allow your dog to comfortably enter, turn around, and lie down in the box.

Use a piece of graph paper, along with a straight-edge ruler and pencil, to carefully draw plans for the box.

Include a door, or doors if the box will house multiple compartments, on the front of the box. The doors must be large enough for your dog to get in and out of the box with ease.

Include side vents on both sides of the box at your dog's standing height. Mesh will cover these vents, and also the doors, allowing your dog to look out of the box.

Draw a frame of two-by-fours around the outer edges on all sides of the box, as well as around the vents and doors. The frames will provide an anchor for door hinges and handles, but also will add strength to the plywood box.

Position handles on support beams on two opposite sides of the top of the box. These will allow you to place the box in the vehicle more easily.

Draw hinges and locking latches for the doors of the box. The hinges and latches should be on both a beam around the door and a beam attached to the body of the box.

Follow the drawings carefully during construction. The drawings will be scaled to match your measurements, and following will lead to a satisfactory final box.