Does Drontal Kill the Eggs in Dogs?

Drontal kills tapeworms, but not their eggs.
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If you see small, rice-like particles on your dog's rear end, that's a pretty good sign he's suffering from tapeworms. Those little segments are pieces of worm. While Drontal, a dewormer containing praziquantel, will kill off the tapeworm, it won't do in the eggs still inside the animal's gastrointestinal system. Normally, the tapeworm lives in the digestive tract, which doesn't recognize it as material to be digested. Drontal changes that.

How Drontal Works

After you administer Drontal to your dog, his liver metabolizes the dewormer and excretes it in the bile. It then enters your dog's gastrointestinal tract via the bile. Tapeworms exposed to Drontal can no longer avoid digestion by the host species. That's why you don't usually see tapeworms in the stool after giving your dog Drontal. If you do see any, they're partly digested. Since the eggs stay behind, it's important to deworm your dog with Drontal on a regular basis, approximately every three months.

Drontal Plus

Drontal Plus contains two additional dewormers, pyrantel pamoate and febantel. Pyrantel pamoate gets rid of hookworms and ascarids, better known as roundworms. Febantel eradicates whipworms in your dog. If your pet is receiving monthly heartworm preventive, check to see if the brand prescribed also gets rid of these other worms.