Dryer Sheet Poisoning in Dogs

Using dryer sheets on dogs can be dangerous.
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Once touted as a way to remove loose hair and dander from your dog, dryer sheets contain toxic chemicals that can cause reactions in canines ranging from minor to fatal. Should your dog come in contact with dryer sheets, remove as much residue as possible from his fur or mouth, and watch for signs of irritation.

Skin Irritation

Your dog can develop minor skin irritation from sleeping on bedding dried with fabric softener sheets or by contacting the sheets themselves otherwise. Watch for excessive scratching, redness, swelling and hives.

Respiratory Distress

Sheets tucked around your dogs bedding is said to repel fleas, but inhaling the chemicals can cause your dog to cough or sneeze. Asthmatic dogs can suffer more severe symptoms, such as constricted airways, wheezing or fluid in the lungs.


Internal Issues

Fabric softener left on a dog's bedding or fur can be ingested if he licks it, causing upset stomach and mouth tissue irritation. Look for drooling or retching, which indicate possible ingestion. More serious symptoms can include anaphylaxis or kidney failure.