How to Fix a Dog Collar With No Clasp

A broken collar can be a real hazard when you are walking your dogs in a busy area.
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Your dog's collar can break at the most unexpected times. No one wants to be in the middle of an outing or a vacation only to discover that your dog's collar won't stay attached to your dog. Without a working collar, you have no safe way to walk your pet and he will not have your identification information easily displayed if he gets lost. You can fix your dog's broken collar and continue to use it until you are able to replace it with a new one by fastening the collar back together using a durable, thin leather strap or latigo.

Step 1

Remove any pieces of the broken clasp. If necessary, cut the pieces loose from the collar with the blade of your razor knife. You do not want to leave any broken pieces of clasp attached to your dog's collar when you repair it.

Step 2

Put your dog collar around your dog's neck and overlap the ends. Ensure the collar's not too tight; two fingers should slide easily between the collar and the dog's neck. You may have to adjust the collar to make it longer so the ends will overlap appropriately. On both of the overlapping collar ends, use a permanent marker to mark a place where the collar will fasten together.

Step 3

Lay your dog collar out flat. Use a hole punch to put three holes in each of the broken ends of the collar, centered around the mark you made. Two of the holes should be parallel to one another across the breadth of the collar, like a colon. and the third hole should be roughly a half inch to the left of the first two holes and centered in between them to form a triangle. Do this to both sides of the collar, making sure the third hole is to the left of the other two on both sides. When your dog collar is bent into a circular shape, the holes on either side of the break need to line up perfectly with one another.

Step 4

Place your dog collar around your dog's neck. Line up the holes so they are even. The ends of the broken collar should overlap. Take the string of leather and run it through the two holes that are level -- the ones that make up the bottom of the triangle. Start from the back side of the collar and push the leather string out to the front so the string forms a U shape through the collar.

Step 5

Bring the two ends of the string together and push them back through the third hole of your triangle. They should come back out the backside of the collar. Bring both ends back toward your bottom two holes. Tuck both strings together through the loop at the base of your U on the back side of your collar. This will create a loose knot. Pull the knot tight until the U is snugly pinning the two loose ends of the leather strap together. This will hold the collar in place until you decide to remove it.


  • You can replace the leather strap with a piece of rope if you are in need of a quick, temporary fix.

  • You can adjust the size or exact placement of the holes you put in your collar as necessary to make the repair work for your collar. The size of the holes will not matter so long as you have three holes, two being placed evenly beside one another and a third one ahead of them centered evenly between the two.

Items You Will Need

  • Permanent marker
  • 6 inches of leather thong (latigo)
  • Heavy-duty hole punch for use on fabric or leather
  • Razor knife