How to Fold a Nylon Dog Crate

Collapsible nylon dog crates contain a durable nylon shell with a tubular steel frame to provide support. They set up and disassemble in a couple of steps. Most nylon crates contain at least two doors and up to three for easy access. With mesh sides, they provide plenty of ventilation for your traveling pet. The nylon fabric is often removable for washing to clean up pet messes and remove odors. When not in use, they fold down into a carry bag to transport to your next destination.

Step 1

Remove the frame from the crate. This may consist of a few tubes situated in the edges that should easily slide out from the edges.

Step 2

Unzip any openings to start collapsing the crate.

Step 3

Fold the crate's sides in as it collapses on the floor.

Step 4

Store the crate and the frame pieces in a carrying case, usually provided with the crate.


  • Nylon dog crates are not recommended for dogs that have a tendency to chew.