What Happens When Skin Sutures Open in a Spayed Puppy?

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Although spaying is the most common major surgery performed on dogs, it's not without risks. When your spayed puppy returns home from her operation, you must ensure she doesn't hurt herself with too much activity. Take her for potty breaks on a leash rather than letting her loose into a fenced area. Put an Elizabethan collar -- the infamous "cone of shame" -- on her so she can't gnaw her incision. Even so, stuff happens.

Watch That Incision

It's important to check your dog's incision a few times a day for at least a week after the surgery. If the incision appears inflamed or there's a discharge or bleeding, contact your vet. If any of the sutures come undone, take your dog to the veterinary hospital immediately. In a worst-case scenario, her intestines could start protruding through the incision.


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