Homemade Chicken Broth for Puppies

by Sandy Vigil

When you make homemade chicken broth for your puppy you're able to control its contents. You also have the opportunity to fine-tune the broth with supplements or substitutes that benefits your puppy’s allergies, sensitivities and other needs. It hydrates a dog with diarrhea, and it's great for softening and seasoning his kibble. Making chicken broth for your puppy is essentially the same as making it for yourself. You can use organic ingredients, buy from your favorite butcher or use what you have on hand. Once the broth is done you sip a cup while your puppy is lapping up his.


Step 1

Remove the skin from the whole chicken and chop it into pieces.

Step 2

Use the potato peeler to remove the skin from the carrots and potatoes.

Step 3

Wash the carrots and potatoes to remove any debris, and chop into large pieces.

Step 4

Place all of the ingredients in a large stock pot and add enough water to cover the meat and vegetables.

Step 5

Put the burner on high and bring the contents to a boil. When it is at a rolling boil, reduce the temperature to a simmer, cover the pot and cook for two hours. Add water as necessary to keep the soup from boiling dry.

Step 6

Take the pan off the stove and set aside so it can cool. Once it has completely cooled, skim any fat off the top.

Step 7

Remove the vegetables and take the chicken out of the pan. Double-check for bones in the broth. Strain the broth if necessary to remove debris.

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