How to Groom Around the Eyes of a Maltese Puppy

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A dog's eyes are one of his most fragile parts, so great care must be taken when grooming around them. Maltese in particular have fur that needs regular grooming because it is long, accumulates tear stain — a moist discoloration around the inside edge of a dog’s eye — and becomes matted easily. Maltese puppies need special care when they are being groomed around the eyes, as they are sensitive to grooming products or rough handling.

Groom a puppy’s eyes each time he receives a bath.

Hold your puppy’s head firmly, but not too tight, against your chest. The Maltese puppy should not be able to make any sudden movements while you are working around her eyes.

Use a fine-toothed metal comb to brush around the outside of the eyes. Start with the brush held close to edge of the eye and brush the hair in an outward motion away from the eye.

Use a no-tears puppy shampoo when washing the puppy’s face and around her eyes.

Lather the no-tears puppy shampoo close to the puppy’s eyes to wash away any tearstain. The tearstain on a Maltese is very noticeable because these dogs have fine, light-colored fur.

Rinse the shampoo from the puppy’s face thoroughly.

Soak a washcloth with a liquid tear-stain remover. Wrap the cloth around your index finger and use your fingertip to gently wipe away solid matter, such as tear stain that has turned into a crust on the inside edge of the eye.


  • Comb Maltese puppies before a bath. Combing their fine hair when it is wet will lead to damage and split ends.


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