How to Keep Cats and Dogs off Your Lawn

Startle invading cats with loud noises.
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Make your yard less attractive to your neighborhood cats and dogs if you're tired of them marking your lawn as their territory. You may need to use multiple strategies to achieve your goal -- what repels one animal may not deter another furry pest.

Mix 1 cup baking soda with 1 gallon of water. Water yellow spots on your lawn every three days. The animal will no longer recognize the marked area.

Sprinkle coffee grounds -- used or fresh, it doesn't matter what kind -- on any spots you want to protect from encroaching animals. Coffee grounds also fertilize your grass and plants.


Pour full-strength vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray it around your lawn. Apply it every few days to freshen the vinegar scent.


Scatter mothballs and orange peels around your yard.


Spritz invading cats with a water bottle.


  • Water your yard regularly so the soil maintains moisture; cats prefer dry soil.

    Add rough mulch to your flower beds; this will make it an uncomfortable place for cats to walk or sleep.