How to Keep Dogs Off Your Artificial Lawn

Lavender adds garden beauty and acts as a natural dog deterrent.
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While your artificial lawn is different from traditional grass, methods for keeping unwanted dogs from leaving little presents are the same. Although a fence is the most secure way of keeping unwanted animals from visiting, it is not always an option. However, commercial and homemade deterrents applied to or near your artificial lawn will help keep dogs away.

Step 1

Apply a commercial dog repellent as directed. If you prefer to use natural dog repellents, cayenne pepper, white vinegar and baking soda are products you may already have in your kitchen. Sprinkle cayenne pepper directly onto your lawn. Spray white vinegar, undiluted, over your lawn. Dogs do not like the smell of cayenne pepper or vinegar. For baking soda, mix 1 cup with 1 gallon of water. Apply the mix to your lawn. Baking soda and vinegar help remove the smell of urine that may be attracting dogs to your lawn.

Step 2

Install a motion-activated sprinkler. Given you have artificial grass, you may question the idea of a sprinkler. This type of sprinkler, however, will not water a lawn. When the sprinkler detects any motion, a short jet of water activates. This spray of water combined with the noise usually scares the dog away.

Step 3

Decorate the perimeter of your yard with plants that are natural dog deterrents. Lavender and Coleus canina can add beauty to your yard while naturally working to keep dogs at bay. The Coleus canina plant gives off an odor to dogs and cats that is similar to tomcat urine. Luckily, human noses do not smell the scent.


  • Natural repellents such as coffee grounds, moth balls and garlic powder are often suggested, however, these items can be toxic to dogs so avoid them.

  • When choosing a commercial repellent, check the label to ensure the product is safe to use around children and animals.


  • For commercial spray or natural deterrents, such as cayenne pepper or vinegar, regular application is necessary. Apply two to three times a week to keep the scents fresh. Reapply after rain.

Items You Will Need

  • Commercial dog repellent
  • Cayenne pepper
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Motion-activated sprinkler
  • Lavender or Coleus canina plants