How to Make a Front Sling Carrier for a Small Dog

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Similar to a baby sling, a front sling carrier for dogs allows you carry your small dog around on your chest, hands-free. Using a sling allows you keep your small dog close by and keeps it warm. It is also helpful if you like to take long walks that your small dog has trouble completing. Dog slings are available at pet stores or you can customize your carrier by making your own sling.

Measure your body with a soft measuring tape starting at your shoulder. Cross over your body in the front and end your measurement at the hip on the opposite side of your body. For example, if you want the sling to rest on your left shoulder, measure from your left shoulder to your right hip. Once you have this measurement multiple it by two and add 25 to that total. This is the length of fabric you will need.

Cut a piece of fabric to match the length from the prior step. Use a cotton fabric with little to no spandex in it. The width of the fabric depends on the natural width of the fabric you purchase. Generally this is around 24 inches.

Fold the edge of three of the sides of fabric over 1/4 of an inch. Fold it a second time 1/4 of an inch more. Use a sewing machine to hem the folded edges. Leave one of the width sides not hemmed.

Fold the fabric into 4-inch-wide folds across the width, using an accordion-style fold. After you have the fabric gathered up, use a basting stitch to secure it temporarily.

Fold the edge that is not hemmed over a 1/2-inch and sew it with the sewing machine to hem it. Do this while the fabric is still in the accordion fold.

Insert the still-folded end of the fabric into the center of two sling rings. These can be found at your local craft store. Place the rings about 5 inches from the edge of the fabric and then fold the fabric in half there. Use the sewing machine to secure the fabric. Go back over the stitching three or four times. This will reinforce the stitching and give more strength to the sling. Remove the basting stitch.

Place the main part of the sling in front of your body. Bring the fabric across your back and back over your shoulder. Insert the loose end of the fabric into the two sling rings. Pull the fabric tight and place your dog inside. Adjust the sling as necessary to get your dog to your hip, or wherever you find it most comfortable.