How to Reset the Transmitter on a Dog Fence

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Dog fences are often electric and can be buried underground. A wireless transmitter keeps your dog in your yard. If you have a problem with your system and your dog is able to leave your yard without difficulty, the transmitter needs resetting. Resetting the system can be as simple as replacing the batteries in your transmitter.

Bring your dog inside, and turn off the power to the fence. Unplug the transmitter.

Look for metal objects around or on top of the fence. Metal can sometimes interfere with the proper transmission of a signal. Remove any metal you find.


Change the batteries in the receiver on your dog’s collar.


Replace the batteries of the main fence component, if possible. Some models have a battery-operated fence component that helps with the signal transmission.


Plug in the transmitter. The system and transmitter should reset automatically upon being plugged back in. Wait for a few seconds and look for any abnormality in the lights.



  • If problems persist beyond resetting the transmitter and changing the batteries, call the company that installed your electric fence. You may have a break in the wiring system, which only trained professionals should handle.


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