How to Take Care of a Pekingese Maltese Mix Puppy

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Pekingese Maltese mix dogs are small dogs that are characterized by their long straight fur that reaches to the ground. These Maltese mix dogs have parents of two separate breeds, one of which is a Pekingese. Caring for a Maltese mix puppy is almost identical to caring for a puppy of any other breed of dog. However, there are several care issues that are prominent in the Maltese, including matted fur and tear stains, that must be taken into account.

Take the Pekingese Maltese mix puppy to a veterinarian for regular vaccinations. Puppies need four to five vaccinations between the ages of five and 18 weeks. After the initial vaccinations, they will require vaccinations only once per year.

Check the puppy's ears on a weekly basis and clean them if any dark waxy buildup is seen. Apply one to two drops of mineral oil to a cotton ball and gently wipe the inside of the dog's ears to remove the wax. If there is no wax visible in the ears, cleaning does not need to be performed.

Wash the area around the puppy's eyes daily with eye cleaning wipes available at any pet store. This removes the tear stains that occur in the corner of the Pekingese Maltese puppy's eyes. Maltese puppies are more susceptible to tear stains than other breeds of dogs.

Use pet nail clippers to cut the puppy's nails every three weeks.

Brush the Pekingese Maltese puppy daily with a pet brush to remove any tangles from the fur. Examine the puppy for hair mats and use your fingers to work out the mats. Detangling spray can be purchased at pet stores that aids in the removal of tangles.

Bathe the puppy once per week by placing it in a sink or tub. Thoroughly wet all the fur with lukewarm water and apply a quarter size amount of dog shampoo or baby shampoo. Work the shampoo thoroughly into the fur and then rinse with water. Repeat the shampoo application a second time and then rinse the fur well with water. Dry the puppy with a blow dryer set on low.

Brush the Pekingese Maltese puppy's teeth daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs. If the dog resists the toothbrush, your finger can be used instead.