How to Wrap a Dog's Sprained Shoulder

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Just as a human can injure his shoulder, so can a dog. Wrapping the dog's shoulder and leg can immobilize the shoulder, assist in the healing process and reduce the pain level for the dog while you're transporting her to the veterinarian's office.

Place enough cotton padding between the dog's shoulder and the dog's elbow to prevent any contact between the elbow and the dog's body.

Carefully flex the injured leg so that the paw is close to the chest.

Beginning at the dog's chest, wrap the leg so that the combine bandage goes over the shoulder and behind the opposite leg. Wrap it this way three and a half times, securing the leg just above the paw.

Wrap the combine roll up and over the leg, securing it in place.

Use the Veterinarian wrap to secure the combine roll until a veterinarian can be reached.


  • Frequently check the paw of the injured leg to ensure the wrap is not too tight. Seek veterinarian assistance as soon as possible. What appears to be a simple sprain may in fact be a much more serious injury.


  • Take extreme care when handling an injured dog, even your dog. While a dog is in pain, he may not be able to control the bite reflex brought on by the pain.


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