Humalog in Dogs

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Humalog is the brand name for lispro, a fast-acting insulin used to treat diabetes. While typically used in human treatment, lispro can treat dogs with type 1 diabetes. Dogs with type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin, requiring injections to regulate their blood sugar.

Ketoacidosis and Insulin

A healthy dog naturally produces insulin to regulate blood sugar. In dogs with diabetes mellitus, insulin production does not occur, resulting in ketoacidosis or high blood sugar. Lispro is a fast-acting insulin injection designed to treat ketoacidosis and return blood sugar to safe levels. While designed for human use, lispro is safe and effective for canine use. While other insulin options are available, your veterinarian will determine if lispro is an effective choice for your dog’s diabetes.

Symptoms of Ketoacidosis

If your dog is experiencing high blood sugar, symptoms may include increased thirst, appetite and increased urine production. High blood sugar levels over a prolonged period can result in anemia, neurological disorders and acute renal failure.


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