ID Collars With an Elastic Band for Dogs

Elastic ID collars provide a sense of security without the noisy metal tags.
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If your dog does not wear a collar because he has a secure backyard or only wears a collar or harness for walks, his safety is always an issue. Despite your best care, Fido may still find a way to get loose and explore. ID collar helps those who find him return him home. Elastic band IDs are comfortable and easy to make at home.

Step 1

Measure your dog’s neck with the tape measure. Add an additional inch to this measurement to allow for sewing. Cut a piece of elastic, in ribbon form, to this measurement.

Step 2

Lay the elastic ribbon out on a flat surface. Using a permanent fabric marker, write your dog’s name and a contact phone number in the center of the elastic ribbon. For a fancier collar, you may choose to use embroidery thread and needle and sew, by hand, the name and phone number.

Step 3

Overlap 1/2 inch of each end of the ribbon to form a circle, with the information on the outside. Do not let the elastic twist. Using a needle and thread, sew the two ends together to secure the collar. Slip the ID collar over your dog’s head.


  • If your dog is still growing, frequently check the ID collar to make sure it is not becoming too tight. As your dog grows, you may need to make additional collars in different sizes.

  • This collar is not designed for restraint and should not be connected to a leash or tie-out. When walking your dog, secure a traditional collar or harness over the elastic collar.


  • For additional safety, look for reflective elastic or sew on a strip of reflective ribbon through the center of the collar.

  • You may also choose to write the information inside the elastic collar in case your dog manages to turn it over.

Items You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Elastic in ribbon form
  • Scissors
  • Permanent fabric marker
  • Embroidery thread (optional)
  • Needle and thread