How Long Does It Take for Food to Travel Through a Dog?

by Tom Ryan

Exercise can stimulate digestion.

The amount of time it takes food to travel through your dog depends on multiple factors. The biggest one is the type of food your dog eats -- particularly, its quality and selection of ingredients and its fiber content. Factors like exercise also determine how long it takes for your dog to pass a bowel movement.

Digestive Time Variables

According to the American Kennel Club, the typical dog has one or two bowel movements every day. The amount of time between eating and passing a bowel movement depends on a variety of factors -- for example, some dogs digest wet food faster than dry kibbles, and can't "hold it" as long because their stools are looser. Dogs who eat high-fiber diets may have to go more quickly, as can those getting a lot of exercise. Generally, it takes between seven and 10 hours for a dog to digest food, but the many variables mean that only your vet can tell you how long it should be taking.

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