Are Nerf Balls Dangerous to Dogs?

Tennis balls are much safer than Nerf balls.
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

As much fun as your pup might have with a Nerf ball, the foam toy is best reserved for human hands only. When your pal gets the foam inside a Nerf ball inside him, he'll become a very sick puppy.


Some canines chew their toys aggressively, shredding anything remotely soft and weak, while others gently mouth their toys as if they're babying them. No matter what kind of chewer your pal is, Nerf balls are unsafe. They're fairly rigid, but inside them is foam. Sharp teeth that apply even a small amount of pressure to the ball will puncture it, resulting in bits of the Nerf ball falling apart in short order. Some Nerf products have coatings whose residue Roofus could ingest. Even if your pup doesn't enjoy shredding his toys and gobbling down the pieces, the foam that will break apart and drop all over the floor may pique his interest. That foam can result in impaction, which can lead to serious and deadly consequences.


Instead of Nerf balls, opt for doggy-approved toys only, such as tennis balls, rubber bones and ropes. If your fur ball is an aggressive chewer, offer him tough toys that won't fall apart -- think strong rubber, stuffing-free toys and those made of many layers of fabric and stitching. In today's pet market, manufacturers cater to owners of all breeds with toys of varying durability.